Erectile dysfunction

Why You Should Take Herbal Viagra


Of course, Viagra has become a breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry and it has become a lifesaver for many men. But what about those who, due to medical contraindications or any other reasons, cannot use this drug? Do not despair, there are plenty of natural substitutes for Viagra. Some foods, spices, and aromatic oils can increase sexual desire.

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Where is Viagra Manufactured?

The well-known pharmacological company Pfizer was engaged in the development of Viagra active substance. The discovered component was supposed to be used in cardiology. But clinical studies have shown that the drug can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the drug solved intimate problems more successfully than cardiac problems.

Where is Viagra produced now?

The active ingredient sildenafil citrate was immediately patented, and at the end of the patent term, the production of Viagra was replicated in different parts of the world. Pharmacological enterprises were able to produce Sildenafil by proprietary technology. But one restriction remains - only Pfizer has the right to use the trade name Viagra. The generic manufacturers give other names for products.

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Substitutions of Viagra (Sildenafil)

Viagra is the first drug produced to solve the dysfunction of the reproductive system in men. Since its introduction in 1998 and for quite a long time, the drug developed by Pfizer has been a monopolist in the market for drugs to increase potency.

The rapid growth of sales, popularity and efficiency of Viagra contributes to the fact that many men gained confidence in solving the problem with erectile dysfunction.

The appearance of such a revolutionary drug on the pharmaceutical market enabled Pfizer to become a leader in this sphere and get huge profits. Naturally, other participants in the pharmaceutical market wanted to get profits in this sphere, as well.

These companies are the American corporation Eli Lilly, which released the drug Cialis in 2003 and the German corporation Bayer, which produced a drug known Levitra in 2005.

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Cialis vs Levitra

Both Cialis and Levitra are among the most popular and sought-after drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

These drugs serve as analogs of Viagra - the world's first means to improve potency in men. Unlike the blue tablets, Cialis and Levitra have more powerful properties and a different composition. Although the active substances in these preparations have a similar effect with sildenafil, which is contained in Viagra.

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Pharmacy Mall Viagra Price Review

Viagra is a drug that has an extremely positive effect on male potency and brings a lot of bright colours to intimate life. The original drug is very expensive but we sell several varieties of this medication, their effect differs in some parameters. Viagra generics have exactly the same composition as the original Viagra but are produced by various well-known pharmaceutical companies. Generic forms of Viagra are significantly cheaper than the branded version but have the same effectiveness. All generics have much lower prices.

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